[Bug] Campaign Beta Bug Reports

If I build a group of fighters that is smaller than 16 in size, and then select a different fighter type, the slider resets to the far right but the displayed quantity stays the same, and the number of fighters built also is the same.

Detailed reproduction steps:

  1. Design two distinct fighter classes.
  2. Bring up a campaign build screen - easiest to see this when building into a fresh fleet.
  3. Select the first fighter type.
  4. Change the slider to a quantity smaller than 16 and click “Build”.
  5. Select the second fighter type - observe that the slider resets to the far right but the parenthesized number remains the same.
  6. Click build.
  7. Close the build screen, bring up the details screen of the newly created fleet.
  8. Observe that the number of fighters in each group is the same.

Post retreat displays of statistics on main campaign screen

GSB version 1.48 with campaign beta installer dated November 9th.

After a retreat, the displayed statistics for Income, Maintenance and Recruitment bear little resemblance to the values in the end-of-turn summary. Examples: Income being 28 instead of 1150; Recruitment 1 rather than 60.


  1. Start new campaign.
  2. Build a fighter squadron. End turn.
  3. Attack a connecting planet with the squadron. As soon as possible, retreat.
  4. The next turn, you should be able to observe the nonsensical values in Income, Maintenance and Recruitment.

listed here
presumed fixed


Fighter group scrap value.

When scrapping a group of fighters, the Cash returned is only equal to the scrap value of one fighter. Crew is returned correctly.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Start new campaign.
  2. Build two groups of the same design of fighter; one with 1 fighter in it, the other with more than one fighter.
  3. Scrap the singleton fighter. Observe how much Cash is returned.
  4. Scrap the group. Observe that Cash only goes up by the same amount as was returned in step 3.

listed here
presumed fixed

Hope you don’t mind me adding new reports to this thread; if you prefer I can create a new thread for each bug report, but this way makes me look less spammy!

Build Screen: Red Icon Background Not Always Updated To Blue If Cash Increases
Version: GSB 1.48 with campaign beta installer dated 9th November.

Description: In the build screen, the background colour (blue or red) on a ship icon doesn’t always change automatically from red to blue when you gain enough Cash through scrappage to allow you to afford it. If you have enough designs to scroll so an affected icon is no longer visible and then back again, the icon is presented correctly.


  1. Start with an amount of Cash just lower than the cost of one of your frigate or cruiser designs.
  2. Open a fleet with enough scrap value that it will allow you to build the ship design.
  3. Keeping the fleet open, open a build screen via the “Build Ships” button on a planet information window.
  4. Scroll the list of designs until you can see the ship design previously selected. Its icon background should be red, indicating that you cannot afford it.
  5. Scrap ships from your open fleet until you have enough Cash to build the desired ship design. Observe that the icon background does not change to blue.
  6. Scroll the list of designs until you can no longer see it in the list, and then back again. Its icon background should now be correctly blue.

another one listed here
and presumed fixed

Patch 1.49 Retesting Of Previously Submitted Bugs

  1. Fighter Build Bug: Appears fixed.

  2. Post retreat displays of statistics on main campaign screen: Appears fixed.

  3. Fighter group scrap value: Appears fixed, but see below for UI note.

  4. Red Icon Background Not Always Updated To Blue If Cash Increases: Appears fixed.

UI note for (3). Currently the scrap window for fighters displays the per-vessel construction cost and the scrap value for the entire squadron. This may be confusing to some people. I suggest adding some text to communicate better that the scrap value is for N fighters I’m not sure of a good wording though that will keep it looking clean, though.

Thanks for fixing them!

W7 running 1.49

Any time a ship retreats the game crashes.

Where do you want me to send the error log? Is it errors.txt, debug.txt?

I crashed the program, by combining fleets in an enemy held system.

There should be a better way of combining fleets than dragging the ships.

if you email me at cliff@positech.co.uk, I’ll send you a ‘debug’ build which should tell me what’s causing this (I can’t replicate it myself).