Bug: [Campaign] Duplicating fleet

I was playing Galactic Conquest the other day and had the most bizarre thing happen to me: the game duplicated one of my fleets. Here’s a rough synopsis of what happened…

It was early in the campaign, so I was moving a fleet from Sullgobah to Dayamun for an assault-and-capture. Unfortunately, my fleet was outgunned by my opponent and retreated (losing all ships in the fleet save for two ships). At the same time, the enemy launched an assault on a near-defenseless Sullgobah (I’d stripped away all but a couple fighter squadrons for the assault on Dayamun). When the deployment screen showed up, what to my wondering eyes should appear but the two ships which had escaped Dayamun…and exact duplicates of them already in orbit around Sullgobah.

How do I know they were duplicates? They had the same names, were the same ship types, and one of them had taken the exact amount of damage that its counterpart from the Dayamun assault had suffered. It was, in essence, a cloned fleet. (Which was appropriate, as I was using one of the Star Wars mods from this campaign, and the cloned fleet included one of the Acclamator-class frigates used during the Clone Wars.)

I’m not sure how to replicate or report this, as I played through the battle and am now several turns down the road from that engagement. If you have any suggestions, Cliff, please let me know and I’ll log it for you if this ever happens again.

Hmmm very strange. I shall dig into the code to see if I can find an explanation for that. It’s the first time I’ve heard of it, which makes me slightly nervous about the existence of mod in your setup, but I can’t see how they would make any difference. Has anyone else experienced this?