[bug - campaign] Ships in deployment screen

I was playing some NEC challenges and had this deployment of Order frigates show up when I switched to playing a Swarm Campaign.

I could move the ships and set their orders. They did not show up in the battle.

Image 1
Image 2

Hi, not sure what you mean by playing NEC challenges, in relation to this bug?

I had something like this turn up once, but didn’t go back to be sure of reproduction steps, hence why I’ve not posted it yet.

However, I’ve just gone back and tested it and if you:

  1. Go into the normal challenge system, and play a challenge there.
  2. Upon finishing the challenge fight (winning perhaps?) go into the campaign and initiate a battle.

You should see an “afterimage” of your deployment for the challenge fight. The extra ships don’t join you for that fight though.

NEC is a challenge tournament organised on these boards.

I see it now, I’ll get it…