[Bug] Campaign Tutorial

During the tutorial all the planets are highlighted. Scroll the map and while the map scrolls, the highlight boxes stay static (therefore highlighting empty space).


The tutorial says that I will become emperor of the whole map? I think it would sound better as ‘emperor of known space’ or ‘emperor of the entire galaxy’ or something equally grand and inspiring!

The tutorial doesn’t mention that I must earn honour points, via the battles section of the game, in order to unlock new hulls, races and modules. I feel that this should be made clear to new players who want to play only campaign mode from the outset.

I can’t reproduce this, the map is fully zoomed iout and unscrollable for me when this tutorial hint is visible. How did you manage this? :smiley: Can anyone else duplicate?

Confirmed. The map is unscrollable at 1024x768 res. At my laptop’s 1366x768 widescreen res the map is scrollable at this step of the tutorial.

interesting. scrollable how? with the arrow keys or moving the mouse to the edges or dragging the background?

Scrollable with mouse only, at the bottom and then top edges of the screen. Only this step has the problem. All other steps scroll correctly, where scrolling was possible (the zoomed out steps).