[BUG ?] Cannot escort a bombing (fighter) squadron

I don’t know if this is a bug or maybe it was intended so, but I cannot assign a fighter squadron to escort another squadron.

I was trying a new “bombers” tactics so I did a heavy bomber design and place it into a battle. As expected they didn’t reached the target as they are slow and enemy fighters killed them all with ease. Normally I was thinking to ad 1-2 escorting interceptors, but … with no luck. :slight_smile:

If its not a bug it would be very useful to have this ability. I do admit that this might be difficult to implement, as “linking” now is done per ship and not group/squad.


shouldn’t be THAT difficult… there are 16 fighters in a squad, so one squad linked to another squad, should be able to translate to 1-to-1 links for each fighter.