[bug] Cannot issue orders to follow other ships

I can’t issue any order that tell ships to follow other ships. I select the first group of ships, then hit the select ship to follow, or formation, or whatever, and it doesn’t make the line to connect the ships after I’m made that second selection. It worked in 1.00, and was working at the start of 1.01. Now I can’t seem to ever get it to work. Once I messed around with the saved name of one of my ships and it started working on that type, but I’m not sure why. I also haven’t been able to fix any other ships for it to work.

Yup, I broke that, but its in the current fixed list, so the very next patch should fix it.

Here I was about to ask about that. Thanks for catching it already.

Thanks for posting this, I was wondering if I’d broken something from Beta 100 to Beta 101.