[BUG] Cannot Rename Drug

A 2-part bug, actually.

  1. While the initial naming process works, I cannot rename a drug via clicking on it on the Company Tab. After I enter a new name and click OK, the original name is still displayed.
  2. While typing in a new drug name, the keys still activate any game functions they are attached to. For example, while typing a new drug name, Z X or C will still change game speed.

Yep, I noticed the second one and am getting that fixed. The first issue is really strange, it works fine at my end. Has anyone else encountered this? Can you give me a step by step description of the exact things you click on/buttons you press?

EDIT: Turns out I am a massive idiot. If you press Enter it renames the drug but if you click the button it does not. In my haste I did not properly test both cases. I have fixed this now and it will come with the next update (1.00.01).

Not sure if we’re quite into verbal self-flagellation territory, yet…
Pressing Enter doesn’t work for me either, however.
On the Company screen, clicking the drug name will bring up the name-change window. After I type in a new name and press Enter, the name-change window is still up. That stays up until I either click the x or OK. Either way, the name never changes.

Yeah, I’m experiencing that too. Both the button and pressing Enter don’t work.

But I guess since the button will be fixed for 1.0 there’s not much left to say about it, other than to check for the pressing Enter-issue.

Had an extra email exchange with ihroman, to clear up the enter issue: You need to press enter twice, once to make the input dialog lose focus and again to close and confirm the dialog. Will think about making it a single enter press to confirm.