Bug: Can't change races

I have beaten every mission on each difficulty with the federation (including a couple survivals) and have not had any races unlock.

Should I just uninstall and try again or is there any way to fix it?

update to 1.12 to fix this.

(reinstalling from a fresh install file will do this if the game’s not patching).

it wasn’t updating, so that kind of fixed it, I can access rebels now, but not the others.

I have the same problem. In fact, the first mission has no way to adjust the difficulty rate, but the game still looks for “difficult” and “expert” to let us playing the Alliance and the Empire.

Same problem here: the tutorial mission reflects a hard and expert difficulty not completed, but the actual mission screen does not permit selection of those difficulties.

you don’t need to complete the tutorial on hard or expert to unlock races. you do however need to make one attempt at survival mode.

There’s still the manual fix for this:

Change the “beaten_xxx” values to 1 for everything.

Running into this issue as well. I can not unlock the Empire nor the Alliance despite playing everything in the game.

Same here.