[bug] Cheating challenge

It might be a known bug. But it is quite easy to cheat and create impossible challenges : Create a legal deployment for a mission, then change the ship design to something more expensive. An extreme example would be to change cheap fighters to heavy cruisers.

That’s what I made here (changed fighters with frigates). That’s the defendin Siruis mission. Normally the budget is 20 000 credit max. The ennemy fleet costs 29 000 ! (Here it is the same on both sides) :
An easy way to solve that issue would be to disable the “challenge!” button in the same way as the “fight” if the fleet is illegal.

An other funny concequence, is that it is possible to have squadrow of frigates with the “stick together” order.

I can only replicate part of it, but there’s definitely something strange with it.

It looks like a key part is a change of craft type.

squadron of frigates …!!


just what I need for my quick Ion Cannon Death spitters

that might actually make them more effective! I’ve found my frigates die quickly because one or two will zoom in a different direction than the rest and they are then overwhelmed by the enemy. at least if they all stuck together and did that, their targeting orders would allow them to better concentrate their fire if they stray towards a flank and may do more damage/survive longer than if it was one or two frigates doing the same.

I thought I already had code that prevented this, but I see people have been even more cunning than I gave them credit for, so I’ll have to re-evaluate this… When you say change, you mean by editing that ship design once the ship is placed? I’m sure I counted this… Feel free to email me at cliff@positech.co.uk
if you encounter such a challenge, please rate it really lwo for enjoyment, because it is kinda cheating :smiley:

It’s cheating, but I think I beat one that used a similar cheat with a cheaper fleet. xD

I think so. I haven’t done it on purpose. I probably saved the frigate with the same name as the fighters by mistake. I’ll check again.

Cliff, when game/console devs try to prevent exploits, and hackers/modders/cheaters/homebrew fans try to exploit those exploits, the second group usually wins. However, you still have to try to fix those exploits.

Trust me, I’ve seen it happen. Nintendo is still playing catchup with the Wii homebrew scene…

Games are supposed to be fun. I never understand how its fun to break things. Kinda cool to see it can be done, sure, but people who hack online FPS games just amaze me. It’s like buying a new mobile hone and then breaking it into small pieces. It’s very strange.
I know plenty of exploits and tricks that ruin playing Company Of heroes. I don’t use them when I play, that would just not be fun…

And that’s why you fix the exploits where you can. Because the people who have fun breaking things can already take care of themselves. You’re ensuring the fun for those of us who like games that are fun with no breaking required. And on behalf of all of us, I thank you, Cliff. :slight_smile:

Hacking doesn’t always deal with breaking things. Through hacking a game ( Hardw[a]r ) with memory editing I wrote a software that solves a huge number of issues that made impossible long term online games. Now, that little software (MSGC) is always runned parallel to the game for any person wanting to run a serious server.

Thats what happends when a company creates a great game and gets bankrupt before debugging everything ! Players have to find work arounds to make it work the way it should…

CoH? Ha! You should see Modern Warfare 2. Or should I say, Modern Warfail 2? That’s what a lot of people are calling it now because of all the hackers in online games. I hope GSB doesn’t turn into “Gratuitous Fail Battles”

no chance, this is merely a cunning/unintentional exploit.

of course, the counter would be to arrange formation using speed of ships and formation orders to go concave/crecent shaped with a decoy/tank in the middle.

that’ll be cool to see.

I’d love to see proper fixed formations working in this game, so that ships connected in the formation take the max speed of the slowest ship to maintain shape etc.

While all turrets are 360 arc I still try my damndest to recreate Trafalgar every now and then :o)

that would definitely be something nice to see…
in fact,fighter style formations for frigates or atleast very similar would be pretty cool
if im using frigates i prefer them to be as fast as possible,and a bunch of frigates orbitting a cruiser just beyond close weapon range would be pretty useful, and even logical for the captains to use the advantage if they have it… not to mention it would look sweet :smiley:

I hear you. For me, it’s usually a return to Jutland. [-embarrassed grin-]
If I had a way of turning a squadron of Fed Hawk fighters into a squadron of Kaiserliche Marine battlecruisers, I’d then have good reason to use that same command heard so long ago:

[size=175]“Schlachtkreuzer ran an den Feind, voll einsetzen!”[/size]

To me, that imagery and that command are jointly what this entire game is all about.

OMFG i just had an eppiffeny reading this thread, having the option to have ships follow a certain formation whould be awsome, kinda like guard points …be able to tell your ships to move across the map N to S, or E to W. I would take that further and have the ships do a western style wagon wheel of death, I mean in a real 3d space environment a wagon wheel would not work, but this game is not played in 3d its played in 2d and a wagon wheel of spining ships, spewing death in a 360 arc would just be about the most awsomest thing ever ! LETS DO IT