BUG? China Party membership went from 98% to 0%?


Well this an annoying bug! One turn I’m sitting happy as a one-party state with everyone being happen, then the next I have absolutely no members in my party, and my opposition, strong as it is, has 20,450,200 members. Which leaves the good 1,310,000,000 people from my Modded-In People’s Republic of China completely partyless. Is this a mod bug or is it a GAME bug? I hope it doesn’t effect my election. I’m gonna so pissed if 1.5% of my country manages to gain power. ;[


I have the same problem, mine is new download, unmodded…


I believe this is the complacency issue. If voter complacency gets to 100%, they can’t be bothered to join a political party.


This happened to me yesterday. I was in one of the default countries (USA) and I set it to three 10 year terms. I did the first term and got a lot of people on my side and won the election. Shortly after, I saw my party drop to 0. There was no gradual loss of members. I went from having more members than my opponent to having no members, which made no sense. Is it a bug? I mean, according to how I’m doing, I’d get 85% of the vote if I had another election, so I don’t get it. It would suck if I lost the election because I had no party members…

Can someone check to see if it is indeed a complacency issue or an actual bug?