[bug?] Cloned Campaign Fleets

So this is pretty weird. I had attacked Kasheemun, and received an attack at Sullgobah. The two enemy fleets were identical. I had to retreat from Kasheemun, and when the Sullgobah fight started, it even showed that I had just retreated from the fleet. How is this possible? Or is it supposed to be possible?

It shouldn’t be possible. I shall investigate…

Would you like my debug file?

Edit: I just duplicated it on another save file.

Yes please, that would be handy.Thanks. cliff@positech.co.uk

A bug related to this cloning just popped up. If you fight a fleet containing ‘illegal’ ships, and then the fleet attacks a planet where those ships should not appear, the ‘illegal’ ships will still be there. A cloned fleet with fighters can have those fighters at a ‘No fighter’ planet, for instance. Once again, I have the debug saved.