[BUG] Collection of bug reports

While playing one of the beginner missions (Produce 500 of ___) I noticed that one of my machines were causing glitchy interface issues - Took a short clip of it.


I also noticed that the same production line wouldn’t display the usual “Finished Product” icon on the output wall socket.

dropbox.com/s/ie1h1t6125edl … n.jpg?dl=0

Found another bug. Explorers that have been removed from an expedition don’t seem to produce any ingredient points - which I assume isn’t by design? Appears to be blocking off all ingredient point accumulation as long as ANY expedition is ongoing.

And another one - Tooltips like " xxx produced treatments" in victory conditions don’t update themselves when a day passes. You’ll have to mouse away from it and back to get an updated count.

And another another one - Output sockets need at least one belt in front of them to receive finished treatments. Now I know you’re not a fan of not using belts between machines, but as long as it is possible some consistency is needed. Or alternatively an error bubble should appear at the end of the treatment machine (in my case a creamer) telling you the port is blocked and needs a belt.

I had this issue if I placed a belt in paused mode. Did you do something similar, by any chance?

Nope - I played through the mission and it never appeared for that one product. I replaced it with a completely different line later on and it properly displayed the icon for that.

Very interesting. I’ve made a note of all of them. Thank you for the screenshots and detailed reports.

Seems to be to do with incorrect z-sorting. It’s strange because it’s such an isolated case. I’ve decreased the distance of the GUI camera’s far clipping plane to increase the resolution. If anyone continues to have problems with this since v0.41.00, then post here.

I’m currently on the 41.05 version and I just saw both issues pop up in my game. Using Windowed 1600x900 if it matters. It seems to happen later on in the game when there’s a lot going on.

This still happens in 0.41.05 - was just coming to report it, figured someone else would have noticed it too :slight_smile:

This issue is still outstanding as of v0.42.00. Just can’t get it to reproduce at my end. I would love more screenshots videos etc. to give me more information on what is happening.

Short video of the tooltip issue (if that’s the bug you’re referring to!)


I know we already talked about this on Twitter ahnlak, but for clarity’s sake and everyone else - the issue in ahnlak’s video is not the one I’m concerned about. The one I’m having trouble tracking down is the one in Mansen’s original post.