Bug: Comeback after lost battle

Thanks for an entertaining game.

I’m not sure what the rules for loosing a battle are, but today I managed to get to the “Defeat” screen, where I had one (heavily damaged) cruiser and a dozen or two fighters left. The enemy had about 5 cruisers left. That might sound like bad odds for me, but the auto-repair systems on my cruiser, together with a cloaking shield, kept it alive for long enough to have the fighters do strafing runs and destroy out the enemy.

So the conclusion of the battle was that I wiped out the enemy, but still lost. I believe that should be regarded as a bug.

well… the idea is when your fleet drops to 10 percent of its original health max you lose

that’s just the way it works…

not a bug but i guess a rather undesirable feature

i have a suggestion thread about it

at viewtopic.php?f=25&t=5962

maybe you can check it out

hope cliff takes it :stuck_out_tongue:

gl hf tho