[Bug] Conveyors don't always split evenly between 2 printers

This may have already been fixed in the conveyor belt optimization, but I have noticed a bug crop up with pill printers placed next to each other. To duplicate it:

  1. Create a new drug (one that you haven’t named yet)
  2. Place two pill printers right next to each other
  3. Place belts so that the first pill printer to be hit by the input belt is the furthest from the output port. Placing the belts so that the first pill printer hit by the input is closer to the output is one workaround to this bug.
  4. When the drug is named, let the belt back up (it will naturally do this if the belt was backed up before the pill printers were added).
  5. The two pill printers will be stuck on a 3-cycle pattern where their outputs are blocked for one of the 3 cycles, resulting in 20 drugs per month instead of 30.

To fix this, I believe the best way would be to make belts prioritize taking drugs out of the output ports of machines rather than taking them from other belts. That would interrupt the 3-cycle pattern and the pill printers would operate on a 2-cycle pattern like usual.

Based on my testing I believe this is fixed as of v0.43.00. Please let me know if it is not. :slight_smile:


Will do, thanks.