[Bug] Crash message screenshots - general

I’m sure this might be some use - post your crash message screenshots with some details!

Here’s mine - randomly happened while sending two mirror fleets at each other:

That bug should be squashed in the imminent patch.

Two from one crash - sorry about the size, paint’s not loving me today.

Was in a battle, fight fight fight, crash with this little pop-up. For some reason hitting ‘print screen’ didn’t get a screengrab of the whole screen, I had ot use alt-printscreen to get the screengrab. When I went to desktop and came back, the game window was black. When the window first appears it’s empty, but if dragged around it does the weird clipping issue thing in the screenshots. Couldn’t read the error message, obviously. :frowning:

Keep getting this on start-up, now - I’m not sure but I think the last exit was a crash.

If I click ‘No’ it says ‘Error in Function:’ on the title bar then ‘Acquire’ next to a yellow warning sign with an exclamation point.

Edit: This behaviour JUST stopped at 10:50 UK time, don’t know why.

This is a focus-stealing issue. It only happens if you start the game, then click another window or program before it starts drawing. it will be fixed, but in the meantime, that’s the cause. it might be another program you have running ‘steals’ attention from the game.