[BUG] Crash on fitting screen in challenge mode.

I am experiencing a crash when I edit an existing ship’s fitting on the deployment screen for challenge mode. Reproduction steps:

  1. Open GSB
  2. `Challenges’’ button
  3. ``Show Downloaded’’ tab
  4. ``Fight’’ button (I only have one downloaded)
  5. Right-click existing ship on the sidebar & select Edit'' (I am editting yshi superheavy-bug’')
  6. ``Save’’ button
  7. Yes'' to Save Unfinished’’ prompt
  8. Save with the same name
  9. Yes'' to the Overwrite File’’ promp
  10. ``Go Back’’ button
  11. GSB is now hung!

I cleared errors.txt before step #1, and now it shows this:

This does not happen in battle mode. It also looks like reusing the existing name or saving with a new name doesn’t matter…same result.