[BUG] Crash on saving game.

As of the last patch I have been crashing when renaming and saving games, resulting in the loss of the save. I have tried saving without renaming and it works so it must be something to do with that text input box.

So I saved my most recent plays by just using the auto-naming function. This time after doing that I tried to save again and use a non-default name. While typing out the name it crashed. I retrieved the output log of the game in question. dropbox.com/s/wf14pmshhsuay … e.png?dl=0

I also noticed that just a moment before the crash there appeared to be a raise up to about 80% (of 8GB) right after a CPU load spike, and held at that level until the game was properly closed.

This then returned to a normal level of about 40% usage with Chrome running several idle tabs.

I wondered if the memory spike was related in any way to the crash or perhaps marks the beginning of the performance issues associated with long play-sessions. I had just completed a scenario and decided to keep playing. Perhaps this is a factor?

Anyway I’m really enjoying the game, just want to help you get past these teething problems because I love the game so much.

I had a similar crash saving with a non-default name. I got this message:
Fatal error in gc: Too many heap sections

Log files attached.
2015-06-08_192934.zip (18 KB)

Thanks for the detailed reports. Added to bug tracker.