[BUG] Crash when attempting to load old frigates

I’m not sure what causes the crash since as far as I know all the frigates I have are legal designs. When in the ship designer if I click on load they names of the ships are frigates but if I select one and try to load it the game crashes. In the deployment screen they do not show up as deploy-able ships.

If they are no longer “legal” ships that’s fine but i doubt it causing the game to crash was intended :slight_smile:

The two errors generated are shown in the pics below.

Error 1
Error 2

In 1.07 lots of module stats where changed. So some designs are no longer valid. I just deleted all my designs because lots of them didn’t work anymore.

I understand that several designs will no longer be valid, but I doubt the intent was for attempting to loading a old no longer valid design was for the game to crash. I figure if when attempting to load it GSB realizes it’s not valid and should throw a error in game and ask if they want to delete the design or some such…not crash to desktop :slight_smile:

Damn. Lots of code was written to ensure that invalid designs are silently ignored, but maybe that code doesn’t apply properly in the ship designer, as opposed to the challenges and singleplayer games themselves.
I shall investigate