[BUG] Crash when attempting to save (Too many heaps?)

Hi there,

I recently started playing Big Pharma and I love it so far however there is one major issue.

Whenever I pause the game and select the ‘save’ option from the menu the game noticeably slows with the cursor lagging and buttons not being immediately responsive.

Sometimes when I select an option on the ‘save’ menu the game will crash and close out without saving. Most of the time nothing else happens but once I received a message saying something in the realm of ‘too many heaps’. I can’t fully remember since it’s only happened once so far and I foolishly didn’t note it down.

This error only seems to occur when browsing the ‘save’ menu, not when browsing any other menus or segments of the game.

I understand that obviously the game is in Beta and so these kind of bugs are to be expected however this bug seems to be quite a major issue and I did not see any other bug reports on it so it may have yet gone unnoticed.

It may be the case that the problem is with my computer however I find this unlikely since other games seem to work absolutely fine and also since the error occurs only in the ‘save’ menu, otherwise the game runs perfectly.

I hope that you will be able to address this problem.