[BUG] Crashes if connection lost

If you download a challenge, set up your fleet and at this point you loose your internet connection, the game will crash if you try and fight.

at what point does it crash? is there an error message? I’m not aware of any code that could cause this, because the game should happily let you play downloaded challenges whilst offline. That was my intention anyway, although some people seem to have certain setups where this is going wrong, which I’m (guessing) might be related to particular firewall or network setups in some strange way.

It hangs on the loading screen for roughly 30 seconds then crashes to desktop and:

Error: SIM_SERVER:Failed to open script response:…\src\SIM_Server.cpp 166

The fact that it mentions SIM makes me think its more my end - I use a mobile phone as a dial up modem, and sometimes drops the connection. But I cant see why it wont let me play offline…