[Bug] Cruiser autocannon unable to hit fighters.

I just fielded a fleet of Tribe cruisers with 5 autocannons and 2 super tractor beams each, versus some tribe fighters (speed 2.33)

The autocannons, despite having tracking 3.7 and the assistance of super tractor beams, against these sub-par fighters, didn’t score even one hit.

I’m guessing this isn’t intentional, since the weapon description describes it as being for fast moving targets.

Are they possibly within minimum range?

I’m afraid not. They really are missing.

The autocannon has a minimum range of 30… It’s the kinetic equivalent of the defence laser.

I just ran two tests… 19 squadrons of 2.35 speed unarmoured laser fighters on the opposing side.

28 cruisers with 2 tractor beams and 5 cruiser defence lasers… kills the fighters without losing a ship.
28 identical cruisers with the cruiser defence lasers swapped for the autocannon - which has the same tracking… The cruisers are wiped out without killing a single fighter. There’s a bug :slight_smile:

Just for laughs…
28 identical cruisers with the autocannon swapped for heavy plasma (an big minimum range, and one of, if not the lowest tracking weapon in the game) … The cruisers smash the fighters (gotta love tractor beams.)

I shall investigate today. Thanks for spotting it.

Yup, found it. it’s bad data. I shall have a patch for the tribe done today that fixes it.