[BUG] CTD On every second battle

I’ve been playing around with GSB, and it’s quite a fun game. I even started making my crazy mods (who doesn’t like superships and superfighters? :P)

However, I’ve noticed that almost every 2nd time I try to start a battle the game crashes without an error message.

I’ll try to restart me computer and see if it solves the problem, but for now I’d like to know if anyone else has been encountering such things?

P.S I’ve got XP SP3, Geforce 8800 GTS (640MB RAM), 2GB Ram
And have downloaded and installed the game just few hours ago.

EDIT: It seems it’s not on every 2nd battle.
It’s on every 2nd battle I use certain ships, such as my supership (perhaps I should tone it down a bit). I’ll try checking some more.

2nd EDIT:
Found the problem. A mixup with the Height&Width of a ship caused this bug.
Well, the lesson learned is not to mod these factors for hulls. :stuck_out_tongue: