Bug - Defender point cap going over

Just another little bug, seems while defending if you let your points cap, sometimes the points go beyond the cap, visually and behind the scenes. Plus clicking on the dog-tags from infantry drops makes it go over too. One stage I had capped at 8000, and I could spend points and it might drop to 7900 and re-cap almost instantly. One time I looked up and saw a 8333 blinking when the cap was clearly 8000.

Again great work, I’m just going to keep posting what I see.

I’ve just seen this happening on the first map.

When selecting a tower in order to place it and cancelling after waiting a while, the supply had increased despite I was already at the cap (2000 of supply). Each time I repeated that same operation, the supply kept increasing as if the game completely ignores that the cap has been reached while the player is placing a tower.

This should be fixed now, in patch 1.002