[Bug] Deployment Screen Issue

I’ve kinda been avoiding mentioning this because it’s hard to explain but I saw another person mention it in the bug report about the Escort Order crashing the game and I guess it hasn’t been brought up nor has it been patched as I hoped it would. When you deploy ships and use the drag box to select one or more ships you need to click on the ship after it’s been selected that way to select it again, or if you have many ships selected you need to click on one of the selected ships before or after you drag select otherwise it will still be trying to give orders to the last ship you selected. Since that ships NOT selected it won’t change the previous ships order but it won’t issues the new orders to the ship or ships you have selected. If you haven’t figured this out then it’s entirely possible that you may be giving or changing orders that don’t actually happen, it’s also why if you have a ship selected and try to set it for formation or escort and it refuses to select the ship to be escorted or to stay in formation with.