[bug] Deployment screen.

On my Deployment screen I can only move my ships in a grid like fashion. I don’t know if this is a bug or somthing Cliffski implemented but I really don’t like it. It will not let me properly align my ships.

i believe that grid-snapping is the “don’t put 20 ships on top of each other” fix…

what’s “proper alignment”? (screenshot?)

Well I find myself liking to align my ships that are behind directly in the middle of two in front or somthing like that and it’s not quite possible with the new changes.

I’m not a huge fan of the new snap-to grid. It reminds me of arsing around in Microsoft Word, which isn’t a good association! :confused:

The previous version (with smooth cursor movement) was much less jarring. Perhaps an alternative would be a snap-to just when you release the mouse button or (better) just the colour change when you try to deploy in an invalid spot?

I notice that it’s also still possible to overlap cruisers a little bit.

One final thing… mass deploy is a bit weird. Is it possible to get a silhouette to place rather than just clicking the cursor for where it should roughly go?

I have to say I’m not that keen on the snap to grid solution - it’s a bit clunky and you can still overlap cruisers. A far more elegant way to solve the problem would surely be just to stop any form of overlapping, but keep the free placement of ships.

I like the new snap to grid, personally. I was trying to spread my ships out evenly before this patch, and now it’s so much easier.

It doesn’t play so well with the mass deploy option, however. Maybe a little ghost ship to show you were the ship will end up when in that mode?

Probably best thing would be to have a snap to grid as an option and prevent any overlapping.
Also maybe have it snap to the edge of ships so that you can have a nice even front line.

It feels like the increments are rather too large to get each ship exactly where you want it, and you can still overlap ships, sometimes by half. If the snapping increments were smaller, and space taken up by each one was increased it would feel more natural.

What I think is a bug is that you can have a ship that you are trying to place on top of an other one “snap” on top of a totally different ship. If you try and deploy a large number of ships as close as possible together you should see what I mean.

I also have a problem that when selecting ships for orders they often snap to a different location when i click on them, making my move them back. I suspect this is the result of me dragging the icon from the front (or just not the center) when initially placing them.

It seems that left clicking a ship is always causing it to shift one backwards on the grid. I don’t like this solution. All that was needed was collision detection on the ship placement. Delete any ship that violates it. Highlight a ship red as it is dragged over another, indicating the collision. Releasing the mouse, to place the ship, causes the deletion.