[BUG] Disappearing text and hanging game

I had a quite weird bug. Text was disappearing for me on certain cures, the company window, even the main menu and the savegame menu had no text. Whatever I wrote in the savegame, I could not read it either. Please find attached screenshots and savegame. I managed to get a savegame, even though it was hanging, it did recover after a minute or so after each window change. After loading the savegame, the issue is not present, so I am not sure it would be much help, but it would be available.

Sorry about the moved imagine in Bug2.jpg, I missed that I pasted it wrong and didn’t save the content of my copy/paste buffer.

Since the issue appeared right when I made a new cure, maybe it can be reproduced when the existing cures are deleted from the save somehow, so it would regenerate all of them. Deleting them from the company tab itself does not cause the issue, because they stay known to the game and they simply reappear.

As you can tell by the screenshots, I am playing in windowed mode as the border is visible.

Also would be nice if the forum had thumbnails for attachments rather than full blown images. :smiley:

Just to let you know the same thing occured three to me, mostly in late-mid game after playing about 40-60 min all happening when quickly switching the tabs between cures and other tabs.

I had the exact same issues in 3-4 games, and like DRew says it’s usually after some time in the game (at least half an hour.)
The best solution I found was to save the game, then reload it: it fixes the issue.

I had a similar issue on the production tab. Whenever I clicked ingredients parts of their descriptions were just the gray/black background. Most of the time if I click onto another tab and then back to the production one it fixes it.

This is really unusual. Thank you for all the information guys. I’ve added it to the bug tracker but I think this will take me some time to track down and won’t be fixed in the next update.