[BUG] Drug profit values lie, Multimixer costs wrong

When using a Multimixer, the costs of the combined product are calculated incorrectly. Since these same values are used for calculating the profits on the final drug, those are wrong too.

An example:
These are the two inputs to my Multimixer, their total cost is 27 + 39 + 31 = 97$

For the output it should be this plus Multimixer processing costs (which is 27$ at the moment), but the game displays:

31 + 66 = 97$ as costs, it misses 27$ in raw material costs.

Using current version with Steam on Windows 7.

I THINK your point is just about the Raw Material Cost not being correct? Not sure why the processing cost is being discussed.

Raw Material Cost 1, Veloxacide Quartz: $27
Raw Material Cost 2, Decazone Extract: $31
so Combined (multi-mixed) ingredient raw cost should = (27 +31) = 58

but it is showing Raw Material Costs = 31 (in the last image - the combined ingredient)

Is it maybe just a display issue/bug? Have you checked the “ingredient cost for last 12 months” on the Company tab?

Did a quick test in Free Build.

import 2 each of 2 ingredients (so I can put through 2 multi-mixers), through 1 dissolver, and 1 pillmaker.

The “ingredients” cost on the Company tab is correct (2x Ingredient A + 2x Ingredient B),
but the Raw Material Cost (and hence Current Profit) for both the outgoing Pill pop-up and on the Company Tab product Line
are incorrect (shows just the raw cost for ingredient A).

Nice catch.

Well yeah, that’s probably the simplest solution. I’d also accept putting the value of the Veloxacide Quartz into the processing costs, if the other one is the base material, but I agree that it should probably go into Raw Material Costs.

The point is, these are the values that go to the end of the production line, where the Current Profit is calculated, which is also wrong because of this.

I absolutely think this is a display issue, I don’t think my cash is changing in a wrong way. But it is a display bug that affects the Current Profit value displayed on the company screen for each pill, which is an important value I use in my decision making.

I didn’t check whether the “ingredient cost for last 12 months” is wrong (that’s much harder in a late game factory), I would guess it’s probably right.

In re-thinking this a bit,it may not be so much a “BUG” as intentional calculation for the combined Raw Cost.

Using my example value above, a (multi-mixed) combined Raw Value of 58 is a pretty big hit to that drug’s profit.
When used for adding a catalyst to upgrade a Cure, you could have the game add the Cost of both inputs, but to
offset that increase (compared to non-combined ingredient Cures) the Base Value of those cures that require catalyst could be upped by 30 or so.
(the Base Value of cures and which catalyst are needed for which cure upgrade is set in effects.data).

However, for non-catalyst drugs (e.g. 4 ingredients of some ‘super-cure’ or combined 2 cures) use of multi-mixer, they’d take the hit for
combining 2 ingredients - maybe that’s OK if they get combined Cure Value as well.

But it still costs me more to make a drug, I do have to pay for those raw materials. If I know I’m making a pill every day, the Current Profit value should show how much daily profit I would lose by disassembling that production line, to free up space. That big hit to the drug’s profit that you are talking about is still there now, it creates less profit for my company, it’s just not displayed in the “Current Profit”.

Now, I can understand if the game can’t always tell the profitability of a production line, I don’t expect it to tell the difference between me using both outputs of the Centrifuge, or not, for example. Still, the Multimixer seems easily doable, and I think adding the raw material costs is what most players would expect.

Yes, you’re right. This used to work absolutely fine, I must have broken it with an update during the beta I think. Doh!

I will get it fixed. :slight_smile: