[Bug] ECM Shield Not Working?

I’ve tried using the ECM Shield module on my front-line cruisers, but they seem to get stunned just as often as without. Is this module actually working? Is it supposed to provide 100% resistance to ECM beams/missiles or something less?

I’m honestly not sure either. I’ve used them too, and I -think- they’re more resistant than without, but it could easily just be observer bias.

I don’t really use ecm defenses. The front line cruisers are pretty much there to soak up the punishment while the second tier blasts away. so its not a huge deal if one or two are stunned by ecm. On a more closely related note, the reason I don’t bother with ecm defense is the fact that I too did not notice a discernible difference

As far as I can tell it provide some defense against ECM Beams, but not against the missiles which you have to deal with conventionally. I think it has a cooldown though where if enough ECM beams hit you over a period of time then you get stunned. Of course the way it reads it should give you 100% versus at least the beams, especially because it’s not worth it if it doesn’t.