[Bug] Effect Sounds too Low

Effects sounds are too low (basically can’t hear it) unless I zoom all the way in. Then it sounds just about right with the background music.

The sound effects under the main options are definitely at max? I’m just surprised that most people aren’t mentioning it, and assuming for now this is sound card driver related?

I experience this…but assumed it was intended behavior…why should I hear fighters if I am not zoomed all the way in?
It just made sense to me that this is the way it should be…
If this is a bug then I confirm.

I’ve certainly found that unless I’m zoomed all the way I can’t hear SFX. To be honest what with the fun and games with sounds of the last few patches I didn’t think to mention it, and then get used to the music. I presume that a lot of people might have fallen into this.

I keep thinking of mentioning it too, but it seemed like maybe intended behavior. At a normal zoom distance you get plenty of music but only the faint sounds of battle, aside from turning your volume waaaaaay up and your music settings waaaaay down, which I haven’t tried but presume will work, you don’t get epic explosions or the racket of gunfire.

I can also confirm this bug. Unless fully zoomed in, I cannot hear any sound effects. Just the music, and ambient space noises.

I also have this. Oddly enough, the sound was fine until the 1.03 patch.

I’m sure all settings are turned up. I didn’t really notice it because I have not been playing with sound on too much. (Please, please remove the high pitched beep when you select your own units or place a unit on the deployment screen!)

I’m not sure if this has been like this the entire beta, or if one of the patches did it.

I have this as well - all the sound sliders are maxed, except for UI Sound Effects. The battle is basically inaudible until you’re a few mouse wheel clicks away from maximum zoom.

If this WAS deliberate, I might rethink it. It seems much less gratuitous when you can’t hear what’s going on :frowning:

Side note: the plasma launcher sound effect makes me so happy.

Weird, even at maximum zoom out, I can still hear any missiles that launch onscreen. I shall delve into the sound engine code. I wish sound card driver writers would concentrate, in the same way that I wish video card driver writers would concentrate, on making RELIABLE and CONSISTENT products, rather than trying to squeeze 0.001% performance and features for the 0.001% of buyers who notice.

Same issue here, by the way. Just letting you know. I also had no issues with sound until one of the later patches… couldn’t say which one started it, sorry. It doesn’t bother me though.

Yup-- same ‘bug’ here. I thought it was intentional like many others I guess. Zoomed out I can only hear music and the tiniest bit of sound effects here and there. As I zoom into battle the sound effects get louder and louder.

I sort of like that concept but I think it doesn’t seem quite balanced yet as I’d like to hear some more at higher levels of zoom.

This may have changed in patch 1.05 and later, as I changed some of the sound code to address it. Did it work?

Yes! I can now hear a good deal more sound effects when I am fully zoomed out and they get nicely louder as I zoom in. I’m playing v1.0.6

Nope, still have the same problem. I’m using a Soundblaster Audigy, might try updating the drivers tomorrow to see if that helps.

How strange, try fiddling with the speaker settings maybe?

I´m still having this problem in version 1.06. I can only hear sounds in maximum zoom, except some ambient noises or engine noises. I´m using an old ac97 onboard sound card with nforce drivers. I can´t get newer drivers for this.

I still had this problem also in 1.06. I downloaded some updated sound drivers (my old one where not that old), but didn’t check the sound again after that. I’ll try to remember to do it tonight.

And updating the sound drivers seems to have done the trick.

Checked with new sound drivers, and still have this problem.