[BUG] Escort/formation orders

Can use the escort hotkey with no ship selected. Gives the escort popup, but can’t do anything other than delete.

Behaviour is very flakey - I’ve seen the following:
6,5,4,3,2 ships groups - ‘E’ - escort window up, red escort lines visible from all - click on mothership, interface bleep - lines all disappear. escort order is still blank (no target)
1 ship 5(?) grid squares away from mothership, same behaviour. move ship closer and it works
another experiment. ship 7 grids away - escort fails. move to 3 grids, it works. delete that order. move ship one grid away at a time, and retry (deleting the order each time)… it works out to 8 grids now.
3 ships - only one got an escort line. repeating with identical ships/target immediately after… no escort lines at all.

on the whole, the only way to set escort/formation seems to be individually - which isn’t good with 60 ships

(side note about deployment screen) -
selecting multiple ships on a slow system causes MASSIVE mouse-lag… truely horrendous. even selecting 3 ships makes the mouse hard to deal with.
selecting a cruiser with 3 weapon arcs doesn’t cause noticable lag, selecting 3 frigates with one arc each causes noticable slight lag. selecting 6 frigates… i’d say the mouse is down to single-figure fps

I’m pretty sure that the issue you describe is caused by a bug with area selections (where you drag to make a box around several ships).

If you have one ship selected, then drag the mouse around a different group of ships without clicking on any of them, the name of the original ship will remain on the upper left. It’s at this point that escort, formation and (I assume) protection orders will fail. Clicking on any of the newly selected group of ships will make the orders work. I believe it also works if your previous selection is in the new group.