[Bug/Feature] Fighter Rockets not firing in massive battle

So it’s my 70K HP mixed fleet versus an ion cannon frigate spam fleet. I have lots of rocket fighters, so shouldn’t be a problem right. Unfortunately, the sheer scale of the battle seems to have made my pilots forget how to shoot. Clicking on my fighters weapons confirmed what was already apparent: 0 shots fired. My laser fighters were able to clean up anyway, but this still seems like a serious issue.

EDIT: Turns out the max range penalty for that planet just makes them unable to fire. Not sure what my opinion is.

are you sure they got into range? and the enemy ships were not already destroyed when they got there? Did they acquire targets (white dot in top left of the module icon when you select them) and not fire? or did they not acqurie a target?

Is it in the campaign at the planet with -50% weapon range? Because that planet prevents fighter rockets from firing at all. Their maximum range becomes less than their minimum range. I wish that planet would get -30% range instead.

If not, can you add anomalies to a challenge?

Yep, it was at Qualcat. Didn’t realize fighter rockets had such a small range - I only knew they couldn’t fire inside cruiser shield bubbles. Thanks for the help, and yeah, penalizing weapons in certain areas makes sense, but rendering them completely useless seems a little harsh, though at that point you probably have countermeasures.