[Bug] fighters stop moving

I was messing around with mass fighters with torpedoes against arc-welder challenge. I noticed as the battle went on more and more of my fighters just stopped moving. I checked sever of them and may of them had taken no damage, let alone had their engines damaged/destroyed. Didn’t notice this happening at all in 1.03.

I’ve just spotted this as well. They seem to get stuck a certain distance from cruisers and hang there without taking any damage, although they’re still able to fire and will occasionally start moving again.

The attached screenshot also shows another bug. The two cruisers were set to be in a formation with a third cruiser, placed in the big gap in the middle of the image, but the bottom ship got snagged on the formation below it and slowly got flipped through 180 degrees. The third ship sailed off unaffected but neither of these two cruisers moved an inch for the entire battle aside from the rotation.

I have a video of said bug though it’s an awesome tactic to remain inside an enemy’s shield can constantly hammer it

youtube.com/watch_private?v= … Wyb6qhJw==