[bug]Fighters Stuck on Shields

A lot of my fighters are getting stuck on shields of cruisers.

It is possible to use this bug as an advantage by setting their range to 100 and attack cruisers to 100% priority. They will zoom around a cruiser until they get stuck in the shield of the cruiser and are too close to be killed by the cruiser’s anti-fighter mechanisms. They will stay there until they destroy the cruiser and move on to the next cruiser. With this bug, just a few squads of fighters can easily defeat a giant fleet of cruisers and frigates.

I’ve definitely had this problem a ton with my fighter-heavy fleets. I have also noticed the ‘positive’ benefits you describe to having a fleet of fighters stuck in a cruisers shields! :wink:

still present in 1.07

Still happening in 1.10, FYI.

I’m having a problem with fighters stopping [1.10]. But they didn’t stop on the shields and after a while began moving again. They were enemy fighters, with no friendly fighters in the fleet. They stopped, in an apparent escort formation with my Cruisers. Screenshot attached:

I had the problem with fighters stuck right inside the shields too, but that was only with 4x acceleration. Adjusted time compression back to 1x and they were working fine again.

I’ve also had both these issues regularly, the stuck in shield and the Stopped inside the shield for no reason I can see - seems worse with 1.10