[bug] fighters

Special consideration should be given to all fighter fleets or fleets reduced to all fighters. I was 55% and the opponent was 54% and I came up defeat!!!. I was ahead by percentage and I lose…? I let the fight run and my fighters killed everything.

It’s not a bug, but intentional. Ultimately you cannot win with fighters. A ship that small can’t get that far into deep space on it’s own.

Even when the fighters are up by PERCENT? (in this case 55% to 54%)

OK, I’m confused, if fighters can’t operate in deep space - how come you can make all fighter fleets? Wouldn’t the game prevent that if that is a design premise?

Also how is this going to play out in the campaign? I could easilly have a planet defended by all fighters and no way it should lose until the last fighter dies (the fighters are NOT in deep space in that senario). I say ‘until the last fighter dies’ because many times when my fighter fleets are declared to be defeated they destroy every ship if you let the battle run to it’s conclusion.

I previously mentioned some ideas for GSB 2.0 which has carriers as a design element, something that could add to that is fighter fuel. Fighters might have to dock to refuel even if undamaged.

NOT just fighters.
I had a battle that ultimately ended with only MY (custom) battleship still on the screen.
Of course, it was hard to see with that big DEFEAT box covering my screen.

There NEEDS to be a way of setting the Victory/Defeat conditions, AND closing that message box. I like to watch my surviving ships head for home victoriously,(even if the game says I lost).

I have seen this happen with many of my ships also, its annoying.


guess we are not getting this for X-Mas. LOL

Belated applause for that one, Obi-Cliff Kenobi. :wink:

Had you read the manual, you’d realize this is intentional. The game ends on purpose when you still have a few surviving ships but it’s obvious you’re not going to win.
This is the same with fighters, they count way less toward the victory thing because, well, they’re just fighters. Also it balances fighter only fleets, which are LAME.

“Obvious to the game” ? But the game was WRONG. I DID win. MY battleship was the still on the field. The Game said I lost, but I didnt.
…and it has happened several times.
I just would like to set the parameters on that damn box that pops up, thats all.