[Bug+fix] Frigate Missile Launchers save as anti-fighter

Whenever you save a design with a Frigate Missile Launcher, they turn into Anti-Fighter Missile Launchers.

This was originally mentioned by snowdrop over here, but I decided to repost it as it’s a fairly obvious bug and that post is at the bottom of a thread about various things. Also I was writing this post before I noticed someone else had already mentioned it.

As far as I can tell the bug is in the frigate_antifighter_missile.txt file, as it has the name = "frigate missile" line, which should probably be changed to something other than frigate missile. frigate antifighter missile, perhaps?

I’ll test making that change and report back if that fixes it.


Yep, that was apparently the problem. You can fix it for yourself fairly easily by changing the name field in the file located at \Gratuitous Space Battles Beta\data\modules\frigate_antifighter_missile.txt to anything other than “frigate missile”. I have no idea if this will break challenges, so please change this file at your own risk (or keep a backup. It should be officially fixed by Cliffski sooner or later anyway) - I don’t know whether GSB checks for matching datafiles in the online modes yet.

I’ve noticed a similar issue with Plasma Launchers on cruisers. On saving the standard Plasma Launchers turn into Light Plasma Launchers.

Same sort of issue in the files, probably the same sort of thing will fix it.

Yup, the same solution applies. Changing name=“cruiser plasma” to name=“cruiser lightplasma” in cruiser_lightplasma.txt fixes it.

Oddly enough the ship I was designing when I encountered the bug (long range plasma/missile boat) turned out to be rather spiffy with the mix of light and heavy plasma I fitted it with instead.

aaargh cheers for this, thought I was going insane earlier, fitting anti-fighter missiles to a long-range anti-capship torpedo boat :smiley:

I’ve found another one. Both of the cruiser armour repair systems have name=“cruiser_repair_armor1”, so the advanced armour repair saves as the bog standard armour repair. Same temporary fix once again.

I’ve found another one of the same type. Droid Bays save as standard crew modules.

Looking at how you make modules, it’s understandable how this happens. :frowning: