Bug found loading a ship design

I tried loading one of the pre-designed ships and I get the following error…

of course the game crashes and exits back to windows.

This has been reported several times, and I believe I know the cause (and a workaround). I suspect the ship you are trying to load has one or more Cruiser Point Defense System modules on it, and not much excess power available. The issue is that the regular PD module has the same internal name as the unlockable Hi-Speed Point Defense module which requires 0.5 more power than the regular version, and that is the one that the game will use when you load the saved design. Of course, for some reason when the game notices that the power requirements are exceeded it decides to crash, rather than politely informing you of the problem.

The fix, which I assume clifski will get to eventually, is to give a new name to one of the PD modules. Since the game data files are all plain text, it’s easy to work around the issue yourself with a mini-mod. You simply need to edit the file “data\modules\cruiser_point_defense II.txt” in your GSB install folder. In that file, add something (a 2, or II, or whatever you want) to the “name” parameter that is already there. For clarity, here’s what the line you need to edit has after a fresh install:

name = "cruiser_pointdefence"

You need to change it to something like:

name = "cruiser_pointdefence_II"

This workaround will change any ship designs that previously had Hi-Speed PD modules to having regular PD modules (even if the Hi-Speed version was the intended one), and makes submitting any high scores or challenge results slightly ethically dubious. Hopefully it will be officially fixed soon.