Bug Found

Hey Cliff, just found a bug in the demo. Follow these steps to get to it.

From the main menu:
-> Click “How to Play”
-> Go through the help popups until you reach the one that says:

“Lets look at some statistical data more closely. Click the blue icon with the word GDP on it, over on the right had side of the screen”

-> Click “Options” up in the main toolbar.
-> Click “New Game”

BUG: The previous tooltip is still active and stops you starting a new game!

-> Click “Go back”
-> Click “How to play”
-> Click “Next” on the first tool tip"

BUG: Game crashes to desktop!

This happens every time i try this so I’m sure it will happen with you too. Just thought I’d inform you of this :slight_smile: I’m running on window vista business edition.

Cheers, just fixed this, it will be in the games first patch. Thanks for reporting it.