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Appears immediately after receiving the bonus, the desire to take all the money and escape should be prevented at its root - the fact is that it will have to win back, and just to come and collect the money did not succeed, otherwise the casino would have long since gone bankrupt. So, make a few bets, and then withdraw the remnants of the amount, in fact take it all still does not work, and even though on the total loss, too, no one is immune. The maximum, which you can count - half the bonus amount in your wallet. At least, so tell professionals, and then only with the proviso that rates will have to make small, carefully calculated. As you know, people - being inventive. And because there are those who are ready to be presented as new player in the casino almost 80 times a day to get as many bonuses. To this end, the person is ready to register under new names again and again. And again, not so simple. online winner.com

are ready for such an eventuality. In the derivation of money you require a copy of the passport. Of course, one of three to five times to do passports relatives, but it is, it’s not out, and live comfortably for the registration did not succeed.