[BUG] French keyboard not recognized, naming ships, orders

The game doesn’t seem to look to see what keyboard you have, at any rate it doesn’t detect it. In game, the layout is American, so some letters are switched around for me and my AZERTY keyboard.

Naming ships: Capital letters are not saved, the name reverts to lowercase. Impossible to use arrow keys or mouse to move the cursor to where you want it when naming ships, must use backspace to erase, then rename.

Escort and Protect have way too many clicks. Ideally, a double click on those two orders should give me the cursor to link up the ship I want with no confirmation screen, with right click to cancel. All the orders could benefit from a double click select, as it’s relatively easy to delete it even if you mess up.

There might also be a shift-P for protected? Not sure.

Same problem here (but more of it). I use Norwegian Dvorak layout.

Same problem here, using US Dvorak