[BUG] Glitchy combined values


Really enjoying the game, but had an odd bug with the combined value of Cures Hyperthyroidism.

I clicked on a cure, and it displayed the correct value of $311 on the bit that shows the concentration, but the combined value was listed at around $200. Hovering over it, the tool tip said:

Cures Hyperthyroidism: +$311
Pill Bonus: +$20
Total: +$200

(Un)fortunately, in alt tabbing out and back in again, it seems to have fixed itself, so no screenshot. Will report if I see it again.



Two things.

I cannot understand how the combined value is being determined. Luckily, I was able to get a screenshot of both the drug calculation and the actual chain.

I would think that the combined value would be $143. Instead, the GUI is saying that it is $87. I can’t figure out how it is getting to this number.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add an auto-save feature. I lost this game because I accidentally closed the game when dealing with the screenshot (thought I was closing the screenshot). I would really like the ability to continue the last played game.

Ah, it happened again, this time with ADHD.

See here the attached picture.

I think it factors in the rating of the drug as soon as it is in pill/cream/whatever form. So possibly your drug has a bad rating which reduces its value?

And i agree, an autosave at the start of each ingame year or so would be nice.