[Bug] glitchy cursor (sticky click?)


I just experienced a strange bug which made me save the game and exit: clicking the menu buttons didn’t do anything (except for the game menu, thankfully) and right-clicking caused the cursor to stay in moving mode.

I wanted to attach the log file, but txt is not allowed… somebody should fix this :wink: instead I uploaded it to here:

(it’s a bit big, around 2M)
pastebin.aquilenet.fr/?ddc16cf80 … o5eMuUJvU=

Still exists in the current version of the game.

Thank you for reporting this. This is still outstanding as of v0.42.00 but I’m going to look at tackling it for the next patch.

How often do you experience the bug? Is it getting in the way of you enjoying the game a lot?

Not very often. I’m able to circumvent losing any progress with saving the game and restarting it, so it’s not a dealbreaker. I just expected someone to know about the issue (and fix it at some time).

OK well that’s at least good news. I think I should be able to track it down using the error report you gave me, and get it fixed in the next patch.