Bug - heavy tank pathing goes haywire

Half a dozen times now I’ve had a heavy tank go off the main path, at which point it pirouhettes nearby very elegantly while shooting at various targets. It’s always managed to get back on track again after a short period, but I’ve just had one that’s sat there for around 20 minutes going nowhere (supported by a couple of Repair Trucks, which is why it didn’t get killed).

Screenshot evidence attached - delete once you’ve seen it, no need to clog the forum :slight_smile:
spinny tank.zip (88.6 KB)

It’s not just heavy tanks. I’ve had this with every unit; the problem seems to arrise when i tell it to make a turn, before it’s finished the previous turn, and a unit now occupies the square it was leaving. Even when the square it “left” is clear, you have to redirect it somewhere else

This is indeed a known bug that I have plans to address soon.