[Bug] Hull bonuses not applied?

Adding a shield generator, armor, or any module has no effect on ships with an armor, shield, or hull integrity bonuses. The % boost doesn’t show up in the summary at the bottom of the screen. For example, I’d expect putting a single Ultraheavy Armor (126 absorption) on a Stingray Cruiser (10% bonus) would give 126 * 1.1 = 138.6 average armor, but it only gives 126.

When adding power or engine modules to a hull with a % boost to power output or engine speed, the ship design screen values change exactly as expected.

I thought it might be possible that the values are applied during battles and just don’t show up on the ship design screen. I wasn’t sure how to test that, though.

Indeed, I shall check that this is just a display bug, and fix it either way. Thanks.

edit: it’s just a display bug, it will be fixed in 1.08

Happy to help! I’m glad it’s just a display bug…I was a little worried “tank” ships might get out of hand if the armor bonuses hadn’t been applied at all before.