[bug] Import button on INgredients page

  • If I click on the “ingredients” tab, all the ingredients have the “import” button. That should only be there when I clicked a port.

Not so, you can click import and then on a socket.

Really? Hmm, that’s well hidden functionality. The cursor doesn’t noticeably change when you’ve clicked import. Maybe make it more obvious that you’re meant to be selecting a port? I got to the last intermediate level without discovering this.

Yes you are right, for the longest time I wanted to add an indicator to make this clear to the player, alas I ran out of time. So it is with all work projects, you have to prioritise and do what you can within the time you have. :slight_smile:

Agreed. I have a huge todo list, but BP seems to be eating into my time at present. :slight_smile:

Relating to this, I think using the Ingredients page Import button would be more useful if you could use it to click on a port that currently has an ingredient coming in and it swapped ingredients. Currently having to stop and then select a new one is a bit of a chore.