[BUG] Ingredient Info pop up won't go away

I clicked the input port of an ingredient and now the ingredient info pop up/overlay won’t go away.
It looks like it says “collided” at the top (I don’t even have the Hadron Collider) - hard to see b/c it overlaps.

Any tab I go to has the same overlay. Even reloaded the save game and it is still there. I only got rid of it by exiting Big Pharma and restarting.

Don’t know how to replicate it - I was analyzing an ingredient and clicked the port. analyzer was at 100%, but no max concentration yet found.

Image when the overlay 1st showed on production tab.

Image showing overlay on Co and Research tabs. Cure and Ingredient were similar - but confusing on Ingredient b/c similar pop up can show when hovering.

Weird, I will try to track this down. Thanks for letting me know.


I just had something similar (1.01), but not from ingredients info. Instead it was on the company page as you can tell from the dialog. It simply won’t go away. Not even using “Leave Game”. I had to restart BP entirely.

Not sure how I got it. First time it has happened.

Per below

I just had a similar “artifact” issue. After going back to the production tab from the research tab. I had a set of connecting lines from the tree for the Advance Processing to the Cryogenic Condensor & Autoclave. I was able to clear it by saving the game, closing to the main menu and then reopening the saved game.


Are you guys using instant, non-animated tab transitions? Could be a bug introduced by that latest feature.

I’ve never used that new feature, but am using the latest version.

Yes. And since my last post I’ve also had the exact same line as Acme posted in his screenshot. Never happened in the previous version, but then, didn’t have instantenous transitions selected (and wouldn’t dream of going back! :slight_smile: )

Nope. Running a non-modded game in the beginner scenarios in the latest version.

Strange. Definitely seems like something I’ve introduced in the latest update. This is why I hate doing updates… :frowning: