[BUG] "Ingredient Only Delete" deletes everything

Version 1.01.00 I’ve seen this bug several times, but don’t know how to reproduce it.

On occasion, when I use Ctrl with delete on at the Production tab, and drag across an area, the squares will highlight yellow
(indicating I’m only going to delete ingredients), but then EVERYTHING (all belts, machines, ingredients) are deleted.

In the past I thought just maybe my finger slipped off the Ctrl button, but it has happened too many times now, and I’m sure just now that did NOT
happen, (and the squares highlighted stayed yellow, not red).

One thing I’m certain of: It is quite an annoying bug.

I can see how this would be really annoying. I did a load of testing on this and thought I had it right. For example, I’ve definitely tried releasing Ctrl just after the left mouse button and it definitely deletes drugs only. Perhaps you are releasing it just before?

Anyway, to potential fixes:

Maybe after your press Ctrl once, it sticks to drug deleting until you left go of the mouse. If you want to go back to proper deleting then you have to start another drag? That would certainly reduce the chance of accidental deletes regardless of whether it was the player’s fault or the game’s.

What do you think?

If you are proposing a change to the game so that it toggles between “delete all” and “delete ingredients only”, I think that would be an improvement.

e.g., on Production Tab with Delete highlighted, hitting Ctrl toggles between “delete all” and “delete ingredients only”. Even better with this would be some visual indicator as to which mode you are in, similar to the way the “>>” color changes with the new 5x speed vs 2x speed. I realize the yellow vs red highlight is an indicator, but some indicator BEFORE selecting might help as well.

Great stuff. I will put this in the next update.