[bug]invisible challenges

a person said hesent me a challenge, there was a msg from system saying he sent me a challenge, but when i checked the list i couldn’t see it, anyone no whats going on?

I think that has happened to me once in a while. I never took too much note of it though.


good 2 c it’s not just happening 2 me…

yea, But itw annoying when you and someone else wants to send challanges back and forth to each other and it is not working.

yes it is

This is interesting indeed… Is this happening to people who ahve had a LOT of personal challenges over a long period? or new players? I’m wondering if some hard limit I didn’t realise was there has just been reached…

You had one challenge from Lonestar that mistyped gunnyfreak as Gunnyfreak. I may try to get the challenge stuff to give the sender feedback if they don’t get a match for the exact name, so as to avoid this. I edited that one though…

Thats right You have the have the caps right for it to work too.

For example if you send a challange to a “IamExample” and you type it out as “iamexample” then it will not go to the right person.

so is your capitalized in the game?

btw i dont think thats it… i recieved a msg saying that lonestar sent me a challenge… which shouldn’t happen if he mistyped the name, and yet i still couldn’t find the challenge…

Is it lonestar, or Lonestar? As I have a capital L for my online name. I think let me double check, yea its Lonestar with a capital L.

In the ‘very-close’ patch 1.43, you will no longer need worry about case sensitivity. Also, the game will now give an error message if you try to post a challenge to someone and get their username totally wrong.

And the crowd rejoices! yaaay