Bug involving campaign promises

Democracy has become one of my favorite games to play, but there is a bug that dampens my enjoyment of it. Whenever I am about to face the voters, as it should, the campaign promises dialog box comes up and it asks me what two promises I am going to make to the electorate. However, only two of the promises (to my knowledge) actually “work” if you will. Those promises are “cut income tax 10 percent” and “cut corporate tax 20 percent.”

If I promise anything to the voters, the electorate gets mad at me for “not achieving my campaign promises” whether I achieve them or not. I am sure that there is already a patch out for this fix, its just something that dampens my enjoyment of the game.


Yes as far as I know the latest version of the game (1.32) fixes this bug.

I have another problem.

After a while, income and corporate tax become the only possible manifest promises.

Therefore, I merely turn off manifests, because they become impossible to use once my society gets too perfect. I don’t want to raise crime before an election, just to promise to lower it again.

Would it be possible for the promises you can make to change a bit or for there to be more? I’ve also had this problem where the society I have built is too good to promise anything but tax cuts.