[Bug] Kudos 2 under Vista

Hello all,

I was trying out Kudos 2 (demo version), but I couldn’t make it start… It crashed leaving a D3D initialisation error… As I don’t like to tell someone there is an error without providing a solution (when I can), I tried different things… I must say I’m running a laptop under Vista, and I’m not sure this has something to do with vista at all…

  • First, I tried updating my DirectX version --> it did not resolved the crash
  • I updated my nvidia driver --> it did not resolved the crash
  • I then change the resolution to 1024 * 720 --> game worked
  • I switched back to my actual resolution (1280 * 800) --> game crashed
  • I switched back to 1280 * 720 --> game worked.

My conclusion is : kudos 2 has been created for normal screen, but doesn’t support wider definition like in a laptop.

I also tried other games (Gratuitous Space Battles, Democracy 2, and some others, all work perfectly under my 1280 * 800. I just don’t know why kudos 2 doesn’t work…

I just wanted to give the information back to you,



You can also run it in WIndowed mode, regardless of your normal screen resolution. That should fix any of the issues that you’re having, and you can keep your laptop resolution at its normal setting.

I’m also running Windows Vista 64 on a laptop…some of these programs you will need to run as an administrator to allow the save games to work properly.