[bug] Limpets

Limpets are not recording shots as described in the fix log, they also stop firing entirely after the 9th shot.

yup, that fix mysteriously didn’t make it to that patch, it’ll be in whatever the next patch is. They have limited ammo, by design.

Oh okay thanks. I will stick to tractor beams then since they can fire more than 9 times a match.

May I ask a few other questions? Do the current version of limpets

  1. Have perfect hit rate?
  2. Always hit an unaffected targets?

They are both very important questions concerning the effectiveness of limpets, seeing limpets have a limited supplies.

Thanks a lot if you can help.

I have seen multiple limpets attached to a single target fighter on a couple of occasions, so that does happen.

Limpets always succeed in attaching if they can catch up with and intercept the target.
They will not choose a target that already has limpets fully attached, but its possible for two limpets to ‘lock on’ to an unaffected target and thus both attach to it.

It also possible for more limpets to atach to a ship, I’ve seen ships with about a dozen limpets attached.


Seeing as how limpets takes only a few seconds to empty out, the optimum strategy of using them will be to create cheap limpet only ships with minimal armors so it doesn’t die before firing all it’s shots.

So after putting 6 limpets, a light shield, and a power armor, total cost comes to 1649. This comes to 30.5 credits per shot. Assuming 10% of them gets stacked due to “same target selection”, total cost to slow enemy fighter will be 33.89 credits each. Might be usable with laser fighters, but tractor still seem significantly better though.